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Farmers asked to report worker shortages in campaign for Ag Visa
LAST summer, Ho- bart region strawberry grower David Jennings was forced to leave 350 tonnes of strawberries to rot because he could not find enough workers to pick them.
Likewise, Perth berry farmer Anthony Yewers had no choice but to for- sake 30 percent of his mixed berry crop.
These stories and more are being shared as part of a new campaign by the National Farmers’ Federation to highlight the critical need for an agricultural-specific visa (Ag Visa).
NFF president Fiona Simson said the peak body was buoyed by Prime Minister Morri-
son’s recent re-commit- ment to bringing an Ag Visa to fruition but more work was needed.
“The Government re- quires additional infor- mation about the extent of agriculture’s labour shortage crisis and exact- ly what jobs are going un- filled,” Ms Simson said.
“We know stories like that of David, Anthony and their families are all too common but we need the hard data.”
Ms Simson said the NFF was calling on all farm employers to com- plete the National Har- vest Labour Information Service survey.
“The one-page form asks farmers how many workers they require and
for what tasks,” she said. “It should take no more than 10 minutes to com-
The NFF has been ad-
vocating for an Ag Visa for almost two years, to complement the existing visa programs used by farmers.
Ms Simson said when there was a lack of do- mestic labour, farmers sourced international workers through the Working Holiday Maker Visa Programme and the Seasonal Worker Pro- gramme.
“Our strong preference is to see Australians fill- ing Aussie farm jobs,” she said.
“However, lots of farm work is labour intensive, not available all year round and therefore not suited to some Australian job seekers.
“The Working Holi- day Maker Visa and the Seasonal Worker Pro- gramme are successful to an extent but they cannot adequately meet agricul-
ture’s labour needs.”
An Ag Visa would di- versify the countries from which workers are sourced, and allow visa holders to move between different farm businesses – depending where and when the work is available. “International workers with a genuine interest in agricultural work would be encouraged to apply for an Ag Visa and be as- sisted to transition from unskilled work to skilled positions,” Ms Simson
An Ag Visa is intended
to complement the Work- ing Holiday Maker Visa, the Seasonal Worker Pro- gramme and the many initiatives designed to see more Australians take up farm jobs.
“At the heart of the agri- cultural visa program is the building a long-term farm workforce, includ- ing pathways to perma- nent residency for suc- cessful ag visa holders and their families,” Ms Simson said.
Pumping blood
efficiently and
PUMPING blood can be a problematic ap- plication, with pos- sible problems with seals, contamination and solids in the fluid.
A Ragazzini pump from Australian dis- tributor Hydro Inno- vations is effective in these areas.
The Ragazzini pump is a peristaltic (or hose) pump, which does not have seals or valves to worry about.
It is also a self-prim- ing pump, so can be placed above pits.
Other popular peri- staltic pumps use ‘shoes’ to squeeze the hose element, which requires a casing full of expensive and messy fluid.
The Ragazzini pump uses a ‘roller on bear- ings’ design, which eliminates the need for a lubrication fluid in- side the casing.
This means a fast leak detection system can be employed to quickly stop pumps
when hoses wear, in- stead of product being mixed with lubricant, risking contamination and requiring a messy and expensive lubri- cant replacement.
Ragazzini hose pumps are also capa- ble of handling solid particles, can run dry without damage and only the tube element comes in contact with the fluid.
These elements are also easier to replace than those pumps needing their casings to be filled with lu- bricant.
Pumps can deliver as little as five litres per hour, right up to 180 cubic metres per hour.
Pressures to 150m can be obtained, and the optional ‘retract- able roller’ system is ideal for clean in place or sterilise in place ap- plications.
For more informa- tion, visit hydroinnova
Automated retractable roller system.
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