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Clean labelling
interactive online
One Australian com- pany, Aussie Pumps, has worked with operators to come up with a package that covers everything, from the growing right through to the final pro- duction of the edible end product.
The World Health Or- ganisation has said that using hot water at over 60C will kill almost all germs.
“All of our products are sourced as components from developed countries.
THERE is enormous pressure on food product suppliers and retailers to present products as natural and as free from ar- tificial substances as possible.
with clean labelling practices, such as claiming your product is ‘natural’, a ‘super- food’ or ‘100 percent free of anything arti- ficial’.
The range includes flows of up to 40L per minute, making them suit- able for both wash and
“The Aussie Cobra jetter concept features the use of 4000psi and 5000psi pressures to clear blocked drains fast, without the
Prices are low too, with the Aussie Sizzler, a new stainless-steel entrant to the market, retailing at only $4,420 plus GST.
Aussie Pumps also makes a range of trash pumps that are suitable for use in any situation, from piggeries to abattoirs.
With this in mind, it is essential to know precisely how every ingredient and sub- stance will or might be declared on the product label and mar- keting – if it has to be declared at all.
• How can I simplify my long ingredients list?
The machine comes in a stainless-steel frame and mounted on four wheels, to make it portable any- where on the piggery.
Driven by either petrol or diesel engines, these machines are part of Aussie Pumps quick prime range.
FoodLegal have or- ganised an interac- tive online workshop to focus on the food labelling obligations under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
• What makes a sub- stance ‘artificial’?
They all feature excel- lent priming capabilities, with several models ca- pable of lift of up to 7.6m.
The workshop will cover how these ob- ligations under the ANZFSC can be in- terpreted, applied and circumnavigated to present the cleanest image of your product, and of course, without misleading or de- ceiving your con- sumers in breach of the Australian Con- sumer Law.
The FoodLegal inter- active workshop will be held on Tuesday November 24, 2020 via Zoom at 9.00am to 1.00pm Australia Eastern Daylight Sav- ings Time.
Recently introduced models include a high head capability that can pump small compressible solids in suspension.
These machines are all powered by Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines, and come in handy stain- less-steel carry frames, capable of being used for anything from wash and flush to spraying agricul- tural chemicals or even disinfectants.
The workshop also covers claims and marketing strategies that go hand-in-hand
Numbers are limited to ensure an interac- tive experience.
They all self-prime and are built in a mono-block style execution, with the quick open impellers and front-opening port for
Excellent quality Concrete Slats for Piggeries
■ Farrowing and weaner crates, growers and baconer pens. ■ Feed hopper with stainless steel trough.
■ Farrowing flooring with a 10mm gap; weaners flooring with a 12mm gap; and growers flooring with a 15mm gap.
Diagonal Farrowing Crate.
Straight Farrowing Crate.
FoodLegal will help answer questions such as:
The Aussie Pumps hot water range also includes a 4000psi Honda engine- powered steam cleaner, with the temperature range of up to 130C.
These are engine-driven machines, with flows of up to 6000L per minute and the ability to pump to heads of 47m.
• When can I leave an ingredient off the label?
Best of all, using steam means the elimination of caustic or harmful carci- nogenic chemicals being used for cleaning in the piggery.
They are designed to handle solids in suspen- sion of up to 7.6cm (or 3”) in diameter.
• When does a food substance become a processing aid, or a food additive, or a nu- tritive substance?
Pumping effluent
The company also makes agricultural spray units, with flows of up to 125L per minute and pres- sures up to 50 bar.
• How do breaching the Aus- tralian Consumer Law?
It’s all part of the job.
Early bird price offer for registrations before November 5, 2020.
The new machines fea- ture flows and high heads, with the ability to handle up to 1200L per minute and pump to a vertical lift of up to 80m.
For more information, including Aussie Pumps free Agricultural Solu- tions Brochure, visit aus or con- tact one of Aussie Pumps distributors throughout Australia.
Register at foodlegal.
I avoid
The Aussie Pumps range includes super heavy- duty cast-iron semi-trash pumps capable of moving up to 2300L per minute.
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Page 16 – Australian Pork Newspaper, November 2020
Aussie Pumps piggery package
PORK producers have a major challenge every day in the management of liquids.
A clean environment is essential
flush activities.
Best of all, the machines
use of mechanical or elec- tric drive drain cleaners.
easy cleanout.
Silicon carbide mechan-
They need to clean, sterilise, collect and pump away waste, and often pro- vide fertiliser and nutri- ents to grow feed.
Keeping the piggery clean to grow healthy young piglets is manda- tory – it is a legal obliga- tion and a matter of good business.
are designed in line with Aussie Pumps registered ‘Scud’ concept, where the stainless-steel frames are designed to have virtually zero sharps.
“It’s fast, cheap and clean.”
Steamy activities
ical seals and stainless- steel wear plant are used.
Aussie Pumps chief en- gineer John Hales said, “We have managed to go all the way, from ini- tial birth and production, through the growing cycle to product in supermar- kets or butcher shops.”
They all feature stain- less-steel frames, heavy- duty Bertolini triplex pumps, and are fitted with solid ceramic pistons and ‘cool-fin’ crank cases.
Trash pumps are a pig- gery essential
Aussie Pumps produces a range of Australian con- ceived, designed and built pressure cleaners, all the way up to 5000psi ma- chines.
They are claimed to be the most occupational health and safety friendly pressure cleaners in the world.
Several piggeries have graduated to hot wash and steam cleaning machines, to not only clean but to disinfect at the same time.
As an ISO9001 certified company, Aussie Pumps believes in delivering products that work.
They can be electric or engine drive.
“We even have piggeries operating their own high- pressure water jetters, that not only wash, flush and clean but also clear blocked drains using our Aussie Cobra jetter con- cept,” Mr Hales said.
Aussie Pumps range starts with electric drive machines from 1800psi to 4000psi, with flows up to 21L per minute.
“We stay away from suppliers from developing countries – knowing the risk involved,” Mr Hales said.

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