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                                                                                       Applications extended for AgriFutures 2023 Rural Women’s Award and Acceleration Grant
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 APPLICATIONS for the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award and Acceleration Grant have been extended until Wednesday November 16, 2022.
Location is no barrier to applying, women can be living anywhere – from remote cattle stations to urban centres – provided they have a project, busi- ness or program that is positively impacting rural and emerging industries, businesses or communi- ties.
and national alumni net- works.
portunity to women who are not quite ready to apply for the award.
Women’s Acceleration Grant is an important pro- gram, as it provides a ve- hicle for emerging leaders across the nation to realise their potential,” Mr Harvey said.
With many parts of the country impacted by devas- tating floods, AgriFutures Australia made the deci- sion to extend applications for the two programs to ensure women across the country have the opportu- nity to submit their appli- cations.
Westpac Agribusiness national general manager regional and agribusiness Peta Ward said the Agri- Futures Rural Women’s Award has long been a pathway to further success and inspires other women in regional, remote and rural industries.
Seven Australian women per annum will be granted with a learning and devel- opment bursary of $7000 to enable them to bring their idea, cause or vision to life.
“It aims to nurture the development of new and exciting ideas, with suc- cessful applicants encour- aged to apply for the Ag- riFutures Rural Women’s Award in the future.”
AgriFutures Australia managing director John Harvey said: “The sig- nificant flood event across southeast Australia has been devastating for many communities, and we want to ensure women from the affected areas are not dis- advantaged and have the opportunity to apply for the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award or Accel- eration Grant.”
The AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award has seen close to 300 diverse women develop innovative projects that are contributing to a prosperous future for rural Australia.
“If you look at previous award winners, being a leader doesn’t always in- volve the stereotypical CEO title or wearing a business suit – it’s about en- ergy and passion for a pro- ject that is driving change in its own unique way,” Ms Ward said.
The AgriFutures Rural Women’s Acceleration Grant encourages innova- tion and problem solving, looking for women with an idea, cause or vision that benefits rural or emerging industries, businesses or communities.
Applications for both the AgriFutures Rural Wom- en’s Award and the Ag- riFutures Rural Women’s Acceleration Grant have been extended and are now closing on Wednesday No- vember 16, 2022.
The 2022 National Final- ists’ projects range from support for rural and re- mote families and a maga- zine for female entrepre- neurs to improving the mental and physical well- being of farmers, giving a voice to disability in agri- culture and reducing food insecurity in indigenous communities.
“We know there are many women doing incredible work in our rural sectors and we strongly recom- mend they apply for the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.
“We are thrilled to be offering the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Accelera- tion Grant for a second year in 2023, equipping rural women with the tools they need to make a real and tangible impacts in their industry and community.
Apply now at agrifutures. or agrifutures.
“The AgriFutures Rural
Note that Northern Ter- ritory applications close Friday January 27, 2023.
  Female leaders who are creating impact, innovate and make a difference to rural and regional Australia are encouraged to apply. AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award
“If you know someone who is actively contrib- uting to rural and regional Australia, tap them on the shoulder,” Mr Harvey said.
“It is a life-changing opportunity to also forge friendships with the Rural Women’s Award alumni, be mentored and share knowledge for the benefit of others.”
The Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s leading award empowering and celebrating the inclu- sive and courageous lead- ership of women involved in Australia’s rural and emerging industries, busi- nesses and communities.
“We hear time and time again that it is often the friendly encouragement from someone else that gets applicants over the line to apply.”
AgriFutures Rural Women’s Acceleration Grant
Each state and territory winner receives a $15,000 grant provided by platinum sponsor Westpac, as well as access to professional development opportunities
The AgriFutures Rural Women’s Acceleration Grant runs separately to the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award, however it complements the process, aiming to provide a leader- ship and development op-
2022 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Victoria Winner and National Runner Up Kimberley Furness.
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