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Ragazzini hose pump pushes sludge uphill
for standard pumps. Hydro Innovations NSW regional man- ager Phil Rothheudt said, “Ordinary pumps just couldn’t handle the
BLANTYRE Farms is a highly productive mixed farming and livestock business situ- ated near Young NSW.
That’s when the main- tenance manager at Blan- tyre Farms Mark Schulz contacted Hydro Innova- tions to find a suitable pump for the application. The problem
intestinal muscle move- ments – an alternating contraction and relaxa- tion of muscles around a tube to coax the contents through.
“The information sup- plied by Phil to select the correct pump for our application was great, as was the communication for the actual purchase.”
that’s what matters.”
detection system, which alerts owners when a hose needs replacing.
The farm needed a re- liable pump to transfer sludge from its covered methane gas dam.
“Peristaltic pumps are usually found in med- ical situations, and often used to pump blood,” Mr Rothheudt said.
“Our success is due to a team with many years of expertise,” Mr Rothheudt said.
Ragazzini pumps use a roller-on-bearing design, so the casing doesn’t have to be filled and re- filled with expensive lu- bricating fluid.
Pumps can be used on suction lifts up to 9m and can produce pres- sures to 15 bar.
In other words, it found itself faced with the old Australian conundrum of how to push slurry uphill.
The solution was to use a Ragazzini peristaltic pump model MS3.
The results
“We can turn around an enquiry same day and offer a solution – we know the specifics –
This means that hose changes are quicker and cleaner and enables owners to take advantage of Ragazzini’s fast-leak
The problem for the farm was that the slurry had the consistency of molasses and, pumping it a kilometre uphill to the ponds, was no easy feat
The solution
More information on these pumps may be ob- tained from Hydro In- novations on (02) 9898 1800 or info@HydroIn
The operation of this style of pump derives from human ‘peristalsis’
Mr Schulz was happy with the results stating,
The benefits
Pump DAF plant sludge Early leak detection Easy hose changes
No corrosion issues Only one wearing part Very easy servicing
No oil filled casing
 (02) 9898 1800
                                                          The solution was to use a Ragazzini peristaltic pump model MS3.
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