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Livestock fire plan
BBQ pork steak with Moroccan mustard
BELOW-average rain- fall and above-average temperatures this winter have resulted in dry con- ditions and an increased fire risk.
Farmers are being urged to plan and prepare early.
For farmers who rely on livestock for their living, having a plan in place for their animals is vital.
Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia said, “Too often pigs and prize stud animals, and their irreplaceable genet- ics, are lost through lack of planning.”
Major fire pump manu- facturer Aussie Pumps recommends having a ‘livestock fire plan’ in place to maximise the likelihood of saving ani- mals during an emergency or sudden bushfire.
Plan Ahead
It is wise to implement a summer cropping plan.
If possible, co-ordinate with neighbours to create a low-risk area that can act as a firebreak.
This would ideally be a 20m-wide cleared or ploughed perimeter that is free of fuel, leaves, bark, branches and so on.
Identifying a ‘safe ha- ven’ is also important.
It needs to be centrally located, easily accessible and strategically placed.
Ensure there’s sufficient drinking water and an adequate amount of feed nearby because animals may need to remain in the area for long periods. Accessibility
Accessibility on fire danger days is important.
Only perform tasks close to the house or vehicles.
Ensure tracks are main- tained, accessible and that any cattle grids and bridg- es can take the weight of a fire truck.
Speed is of the essence
Moving stock on fire danger days may be nec- essary.
You might need to herd your stock closer together towards a dam or other water source.
Make your plans well ahead of time and let eve- ryone know what they are responsible for.
Maintain machinery and minimise risk
Keep farm machinery (tractors, slashers and har- vesters) well maintained and free from grease build-up.
Mechanical defects can cause sparks that can quickly develop into a fire.
A steam cleaner such as the Aussie Super In- dy is invaluable because it melts off grease and muck.
Machinery and vehicles should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
If possible, turn off elec- tric fences.
Sufficient firefighting equipment
Be prepared to put out spot fires and wet down danger areas.
Having a reliable fire pump capable of deliver- ing sufficient water is es- sential.
A trailer or ute-mounted fire pump and tank will provide a mobile option.
“We developed the Aus- sie Fire Chief for Austral- ian firefighting conditions
and tough applications,” Farrugia said.
“The ‘big belly’ design and massive impeller give flows of up to 450l/pm at a pressure of up to 100psi.
“That puts the water where it’s needed, fast!”
The Fire Chief is pow- ered by a genuine Honda petrol engine and comes standard with heavy-duty steel skids and anti-vibra- tion mounts.
An optional one-piece steel roll frame is avail- able for extra stability in the field.
The Chief’s big broth- er, the Aussie Mr T, is a mighty twin-impeller pump that develops pres- sures of up to 130psi and flows to 550l/pm.
It comes with either a Honda 9hp or 13hp petrol engine.
Aussie Pumps also of- fers big Yanmar and Hatz diesel-drive engines.
“These diesel-drive en- gines have proven popu- lar with farmers because diesel fuel is considered safer than petrol due to its lower flash point,” Far- rugia said.
“The diesel option in- creases fire safety, lowers running costs and boosts overall reliability.”
Aussie Pumps fire pumps are fast self-prim- ing and offer a vertical suction lift of up to 7.6m.
This enables the operator to draw water from wells, streams or dams when the water level is dropping.
“That’s a major feature and can be a matter of life
or death when a fire is on the move,” Farrugia said.
Aussie Pumps offers a unique five-year warranty on its entire Aussie Quik Prime product range, a sure sign the company be- lieves in the quality and reliability of the product.
Jason Homan planned stock protection for a hobby farm in Fiddletown, NSW. He has a couple of dams close to the cattle paddock and an Aussie Fire Chief to manage spot fires.
•4porkloinsteaks,trimmed •30gsesamedukkah
•100g soft dried apricots, diced •1⁄2 cup water
•1⁄2 cup Dijon mustard
•2 tablespoons honey
•2 tablespoons Moroccan seasoning
•1 teaspoon lemon zest
1. PreheatBBQorgriddlepan.
2. Dustporksteakswithdukkah.
3. Brushgrillplatewithalittleoiland BBQ steaks for 5-6 minutes on each side. 4. Placethemustardingredientsinto a small saucepan and stir until liquid boils, reduce heat and simmer until thick for 3-4 minutes.
5. Servesteakovercouscoustopped with mustard
Prep time 5 min | Cook time 15 min | Serves 4 METHOD
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