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APSA 2017 Conference, Melbourne
World Trade Organisation
rejects Indonesia’s appeal
on import restrictions
THE World Trade Organisation, after three and a half years of discussions, has reached a conclusion on the appeal of im- port restrictions being imposed by Indone- sia.
In 2014, New Zealand was the first country to request consultation with Indonesia regard- ing its import restric- tions on horticultural products, animals and animal products, claiming the restric- tions were inconsist- ent with various WTO regulations.
Since New Zealand’s request, it has been joined by Australia, the US, Canada, the Eu- ropean Union, Chinese Taipei and Thailand in the consultations.
In March 2015, New Zealand requested the establishment of a panel, but at its meet- ing in April that year, the Dispute Settlement Board deferred this process.
Later that year, New Zealand and the US requested the Director- General compose the panel, and a month later, on October 8, the panel was composed and the panel report re- leased to its members.
In February 2017,
Indonesia notified the DSB of its decision to appeal to the Appellate Body certain issues of law and legal inter- pretations in the panel report.
Due to the number and complexity of the issues raised in the dis- pute, and due to staff- ing shortages within the WTO Secretariat, the Appellate Body an- nounced it could not circulate its report to members until Novem- ber 9, 2017.
The Appellate Body has now circulated the report to its members in which it rejects In- donesia’s appeal on the panel report and finds that Indonesia’s import restrictions for horti- cultural products and animals and animal products are against WTO regulations.
Within the report, it is stated that 18 Indo- nesian import restric- tion measures were inconsistent with WTO obligations, and are not sanctioned by WTO.
This news comes as a great relief to many producers that have missed out on valuable export opportunities to Indonesia – a massive nation, and an impor- tant market for exports.
Dr Kate Plush won the Batterham Memorial Award and Dr Robert van Barneveld was the APSA Fellow award recipient in recognition of his outstanding contribution to APSA, research in pig science and the wider Australian pig industry.
Stuart Wilkinson, APSA Medal winner Evan Bittner of the University of Melbourne and Darryl D’Souza of SunPork Solutions.
Changing of the guard. Long-serving and well-respected pig indus- try patron Pat Mitchell has handed the reins of the APSA president- ship to Stuart Wilkinson and a new committee.
Stuart Wilkinson of Feedworks and Robert Hewitt of SunPork Farms with Malcolm Mottram (centre), the Feedworks APSA poster award winner thanks to his eye-catching poster work.
International APSATravel Scholorship Award winners Fangzhou (Arkin) Wu, Carine Vier and Lori Thomas with APSA president Pat Mitchell.
John Black,Tony Edwards and Roger Campbell were recognised for their long-running support and attendance of APSA Conferences.
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Stay tuned for more APSA coverage in the January 2018 edition.
Alltech Lienert Australia unites innovative companies
AUSTRALIA’S leading animal health and nutri- tion companies, Alltech Australia and Lienert Australia, will unite to form Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd as of January 1, 2018.
The current activities of KEENAN and Alltech E-CO2 in Australia, both Alltech companies, will be conducted under Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd.
This union will align the offerings and ser- vices of both companies, simplify processes and procedures and ultimate- ly enhance the quality of service to customers in Australia.
Alltech Lienert Aus- tralia Pty Ltd, located in Roseworthy, South Australia, will continue to provide its range of quality Alltech products, services, nutrition pro- grams and technologies
throughout Australia. Alltech Lienert Aus- tralia Pty Ltd general manager Mark Peebles said, “By uniting the companies, we will ef- fectively be combining highly successful busi- nesses in terms of re- sources and expertise, resulting in even better nutrition, health pro- grams and services for
our clients’ operations.” “This move will allow our business to strength- en our nutritional techni- cal support as well as re- search and development to bring new, innovative
products to the market. “Our team will be able to offer a wider range of products for our custom- ers, with more localised
nutrition support. “Customers will now
be able to order Alltech, Lienert, KEENAN and Alltech E-CO2 products from one company, re-
ceiving their order in one shipment and on one in- voice.
“It will also provide clarity on our position in the market.”
Both Lienert Australia and Alltech are dedicat- ed to bringing nutritional solutions to the farm and food industry.
For more than 40 years, Lienert Australia has manufactured, distrib- uted and supplied ingre- dients, supplements and nutritional expertise to the livestock and feed- stock industries in Aus- tralia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
Its customers range from small family farms to integrated operations and commercial feed mills.
Alltech is a fam- ily owned company head- quartered just outside Lexington, Kentucky, US, with a strong presence in
all regions of the world. Previously represented by a distributor, Alltech has operated as a pri- vate company in Aus- tralia since 1997 and has been recognised within the continent for its nu- tritional innovations as well as its educational
and philanthropic en- deavours.
Existing customers of Alltech Australia and Lienert Australia will be able to access the same expertise and benefits as previously, and their contacts will remain the same.
The Alltech Lienert Australia facility.
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