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Aussie’s new 6” motor pump
AUSSIE Pumps have an- nounced the introduction of a new Aussie GMP 6” heavy duty trash pump, designed for effluent and wastewater handling.
per minute and it has a capacity to handle com- pressible solids of 55mm in diameter.
as piggeries, sewage sta- tions, abattoirs or any- where wastewater needs to be handled in volume.
Mr Hales said.
Available as options to
The pump also features a bottom-mounted drain plug.
The big pump, manu- factured from cast iron, offers flow up to 4160L
It operates at 1450rpm and is powered by a 11kW four-pole motor.
The pump’s mechanical seals are silicon carbide with an integrated stain- less-steel ware plate as standard equipment.
“All the operator needs to do is fill the pump bowl with water through the priming plug, making sure the suction line is airtight and suitably submerged.
Olympia Yarger, Goterra founder.
Insect farms turning maggots into feed
The big pump will self- prime from a vertical lift of 6m and is capable of re- placing submersible pumps in applications as diverse
Close coupled to top quality European electric motors, the pump is a first in a series of electric-drive 6” trash pumps.
the standard cast iron im- peller are the 316 stain- less steel impellors, which are always recommended by Aussie Pumps if the pumped liquid is particu- larly abrasive.
“Priming is easy,” Mr Hales said.
Aussie Pump’s new 6” trash pump has an appetite for solids in suspension.
Digestarom® DC
The Feed Converter ®
Goterra offers an attrac- tive, cost-effective alterna- tive to landfill by working with insects in small mod- ular units to deliver waste management close to the source.
Its focus is on educating and developing opportu- nities to establish region- ally based insect farms by providing resources, men- toring and referral on the many ways insect farming can be successfully inte- grated into existing re- gional and agricultural ecosystems.
Northern Australia - Bruce Hunt 0499 171 010 Southern Australia - Kate Henne 0499 287 710 Tel: +61 2 9872 6324 of
Naturally ahead
Excellent quality Concrete Slats for Piggeries
■ Farrowing and weaner crates, growers and baconer pens. ■ Feed hopper with stainless steel trough.
In 2020, the startup bagged $8 million in funding, in a round led by agtech venture capi- talists Tenacious Ventures and Grok Ventures, the VC fund of Atlassian co- founder Mike Cannon- Brookes.
An emerging industry, insect farming is a vehicle to manage waste streams and is a viable and sus- tainable protein for aqua- culture, pork, poultry and pets.
Aussie Pumps chief engi- neer John Hales said, “The engineering in this pump is first rate.”
“The pump requires no further priming aids.
“It’s unusual to see so much water being pro- duced by a pump with such high efficiency levels.
Further information on the new pump range is in- cluded in the new Aussie GMP comprehensive product selection cata- logue.
However, the business is still growing at a rea- sonable rate and even purposely slowed growth briefly, as it moved from its prototype plant into a commercial facility.
“Being able to produce 4160L/m from an 11kW motor means major sav- ings in electricity and is a complement to the pump’s unique impeller design,”
“That’s another good idea that we learnt from our self-priming trash engine pump range,” Mr Hales said.
For more information or to contact Aussie Pumps or an authorised distributor throughout Australia, visit
Founded in 2016 by former sheep farmer Olympia Yarger, Goterra manages robotic insect farms – taking food waste and feeding it to a par- ticular species of maggot, and turning them into a high-protein feed for live- stock.
Fundamentally, Goterra is about managing food waste in an efficient and sustainable way, without damaging the environ- ment and has been built around Yarger’s fierce passion for combating climate change and pro- tecting the environment.
Best of all, for wastewater applications, the new 6” B6XR-A/ST has a handy front clean-out port that enables the pump bowl to be cleared without discon- necting pipework.
“It’s that simple.”
SUSTAINABILITY is imperative if we’re going to tackle climate change and recover from the economic crisis of COVID-19, according to Goterra founder.
COVID-19 definitely challenged that growth.
Digestarom® DC
provides crystal clear bene ts for your animals and your operation.
• Latest innovation in phytogenics for improved feed intake
• Triple action formulation for better performance
• Unique Biomin® Duplex Capsule technology for optimized feed conversion
DIGESTAROM is a registered trademark of BIOMIN Holding GmbH (IR-681524).
BIOMIN (IR-509692) and The Feed Converter (AT-292729) are registered trademarks of Erber Aktiengesellschaft.
The biological solution enables Goterra to manage a range of waste streams, from post-consumer food waste through to indus- trial and agricultural waste streams.
With no arable land re- quired and less than 1L of water per kilo of protein – and efficient consumers of food and agricultural wastes – insect farming is an exciting opportu- nity for regionally based people who are interested in farming but cannot af- ford to invest in a conven- tional farming enterprise.
■ Farrowing flooring with a 10mm gap; weaners flooring with a 12mm gap; and growers flooring with a 15mm gap.
Diagonal Farrowing Crate.
Straight Farrowing Crate.
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Page 12 – Australian Pork Newspaper, May 2021
“Then start the motor.
It also creates secondary revenue streams for the byproducts – soil condi- tioner and insect protein.
The funding followed a challenging time for Go- terra, and for everyone.
The startup had been growing at a rate of 500 percent month-on-month, but Ms Yarger said the bushfires and then
For more information, visit

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