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New Sizzler Hot Wash machine
Boosting biosecurity effectiveness
EXOFLARE has re- ceived a $300,000 grant to develop a real-time data driven approach to assessing biosecurity risks in the red meat and pork sectors.
devastating to the pork and red meat sectors if Australia was to have an outbreak.
Aussie exporters the competitive edge,” he said.
This is yet another commitment by the government to show the value of strong and effective biosecurity to protect Australian agri- culture.
“We are excited that this project will enable us to explore new and secure ways to collect and share biosecurity data across govern- ment, academia and industry.
Minister for Agri- culture, Drought and Emergency Manage- ment David Littleproud said that it was vital to bolster biosecurity to protect Australia’s ag- ricultural sector.
“Eventually, the pro- ject could be applied across other sectors as well.
“So much of the reputation and market access for Australia stems from our status as a clean, disease-free country.
“When it comes to bi- osecurity, complacency is not an option,” Min- ister Littleproud said.
“We know that con- sumers in Australia and internationally want greater transparency and real time advice about the origin and safety of product in the modern digital market- place.
“It’s important that we look at the ways we can protect our in- dustry.”
“Two of the biggest risks to Australian ag- riculture are African swine fever and foot and mouth disease.
“Projects that shore up the safety and re- liability of Australian products, will give
For more details on the 14 successful round two projects visit the Traceability Grants Program website, agri access-trade/tracea bility-grants-program
“These diseases would be absolutely
“This project will en- able biosecurity data from across the pork and red meat supply chains – from pro- ducers to raw input suppliers – to be shared and analysed in new ways to improve the detection and manage- ment of risks before they can become a problem.
ExoFlare founder Adrian Turner said the company was thrilled to receive the grant.
AUSTRALIA poultry adhered to but, in the full stainless-steel cover. face cleaner can also op-
producers are amongst the most efficient and hygienic in the world.
easiest, safest and most cost-efficient way.”
Underneath that shiny stainless-steel exterior, there is a heavy duty four pole (slow speed) 1450 rpm single phase 240V motor.
erate off the machine. The company believes that using its engineering innovations can help pro- ducers save money, op- erate more efficiently, but also in the most hygienic
Their need to clean is constant and of para- mount importance to the quality of products pro- duced.
The result of constant evolution to the product range is Aussie’s new Siz- zler Hot Wash.
Australian Pump has worked with producers around the country to develop a product range suitable for livestock ap- plications and are proud of their new Sizzler Hot Wash machine.
Designed in Australia, the Sizzle is a high-pres- sure hot wash machine, delivering 1800psi of pressure, with a flow of 10L per minute.
That motor drives a top-quality Italian triplex pump with ceramic pis- tons.
A stainless-steel roll
Aussie Pumps’ chief en- gineer John Hales said, “We’re conscious of the need for constant reliable cleaning equipment.”
The Sizzler is compact in design and easy to move with four flat free tyred wheels.
“We built it based on the feedback we were getting from the users around Australia.”
Bigger machines are available in a pres- sure range of 3000 and 4000psi, making them suitable for even high producing processing plant.
“We ensure that hy- giene rules are not only
Though it weighs 100kg it is manoeuvrable with an integrated handle and
The machine is loaded with safety controls, de- signed to protect the ma- chine and operator.
The company also has a range of heavy-duty cold wash machines with flows to 28L per minute and pressures as high as 5000psi.
With a maximum tem- perature of 80 degrees celsius the machine can eradicate bacteria.
“Everything on the ma- chine is built for quality,” Mr Hales said.
frame is also available as well as foaming devices for applying sanitiser for cleaning products through the machine.
It has delayed total stop, which stops the machine 30 seconds after the gun trigger is closed.
Aussie’s Sizzler Hot Wash Machine is an ideal germ killer in processing plants.
NSW free range commercial piggery. Image provided by Australian Pork Limited.
Biosecurity blind spots targeted
This saves fuel and can prevent accidents.
These machines are available in single and three phase configuration and are compact, slow speed, long life, and min- imum maintenance.
Micro-leak protection stops the machine in the case of leaks in the hy- draulic circuit when the gun is shut down.
The Clogged Nozzle Control stops the machine if the nozzle in the end of the lance is blocked which prevents the pos- sibility of a build-up of pressure in the system.
Poultry producers can qualify for the regular specials that come out on this equipment and, could receive the 100 percent depreciation allowance if they purchase before the June 30.
• External thermal and single layer blinds
• Stock drafting curtains
• Canvacon, Landmark Tearstop
and Titan fabrics
Eco shelter replacement covers and securing systems
• Frame guard felt tape
• Thermal blankets
• Shade cloth systems
• Aluminium lock strips
• Ratchet systems and webbing
T 1300 059 003 M 0429 574 963 E W
Dry Running Protec- tion and Intelligent Auto Switch Off are also part of the system.
For more information and the details of your closest Aussie authorised distributor or, for a di- rect technical information or support, contact Aus- tralian Pump Industries on (02) 8865 3500 or aussie
Ignition boiler delay en- sures low fume emissions when the boiler starts up.
Turbo-lances are avail- able to give extra whack if there is any hard cleaning to be done and a flat sur-
SMALLER commercial pork producers across Australia are the focus of a new initiative aimed at strengthening bios- ecurity blind spots.
This plan is now being piloted.
The initiative is being led by the National Af- rican swine fever liaisons Kirsty Richards and Tony Abel.
The NSW group also raised the alarm to rodent plagues earlier this year, which have since spread across the state.
They have worked to- gether to connect small commercial producers with membership groups in each state.
This alerted APL to in- vestigate and share pest management strategies via its communications channels to producers.
by PAUL BONIGHTON Director Producer Relations
With groups already es- tablished in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia, addi- tional members are now being sought for new groups across Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.
The groups have been welcomed by producers who share information, raise concerns about what they are seeing and
Over the past eight months, NSW members have been integral in the development of a biosecu- rity management plan in collaboration with Aus- tralian Pork Limited and NSW Department of In- dustry, Science, Energy and Resources.
APL encourages anyone who would like to partici- pate from any state to con- tact Tony Abel on 0419 978 775 or Kirsty Rich- ards on 0407 282 592.
a casual online meeting place for smaller com- mercial producers to learn how to manage bi- osecurity on their prop- erties and the nature of ASF.
develop solutions for common challenges.
These networks not only provide valuable informa- tion to smaller piggeries but are also an impor- tant thread in the national biosecurity tapestry that protects us from an ASF incursion.
Page 16 – Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2021
The initiative creates
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