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Apiam launches Data Pig program
Joyce made the dish using her Kmart 5.3L air fryer. Credit: Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia/Facebook
Pork recipe goes viral
AIR fryers are flooding the market as the new kitchen must-have hardware, though sourcing quick and easy rec- ipes to help justify buying one are not quite as easy to come by.
supermarket products. Home cook Joyce posted, “I used just over a kilo of bone- less pork shoulder, cut into two long portions and marinated in five tablespoons of char siu
However, a savvy Woolworths shopper recently put pork shoulder and Chinese barbecue sauce to- gether in her air fryer, popped the result on a Facebook post and voila...
my air fryer for 12 mins each side at 180C and basted it with ad- ditional one table- spoon of same sauce for extra flavour!
Thousands reacted to the super easy tech- nique using affordable
Joyce’s post went viral, with thousands reacting to the easy recipe.
sauce overnight.” “Then next day into
“Turned out amazing!”
Joyce described her two-ingredient air fryer bar- becue Chinese pork recipe as ‘super easy’. Credit: Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia/Facebook
A NOVEL electronic recording system devel- oped by Apiam Animal Health, Data Pig, is set to enhance the health, productivity, profita- bility and sustainability of Australia’s pig herd.
real-time and improve quality assurance and compliance.
bers and clinical signs of disease.
collaborated in a project funded by AgriFutures to enhance Data Pig’s up- take in WA and I expect this will subsequently benefit Australia’s anti- microbial strategy more broadly,” Dr Weekes said.
of our clients’ pigs and creating more productive workplaces for our clients is essentially what Apiam and Data Pig aim to do,” Dr Harrison said.
Apiam and its team of swine veterinarians have spent four years and more than $1 million devel- oping the technology and user-friendly delivery platform.
According to Apiam Swine business manager Dr Tom Harrison, Data Pig will accomplish this by more accurately re- cording medication ad- ministration, using Pow- erBI reports for real-time monitoring, integrating veterinary approved medication lists and gen- erating Australia Pork Industry Quality Assur- ance Program compliant digital records.
Antimicrobial usage data is stored on the Data Pig web-based platform and reported using pro- gramming software, which unites strategy and analytics.
“The project will also give valuable insight into technology adoption in piggeries.
“To achieve this, Data Pig comes with a suite of customisable reports to analyse health and pro- duction events, monitor trends and enhance bios- ecurity and surveillance systems.
Successfully trialled in Western Australia, its nationwide rollout will assist pork producers, in partnership with their veterinarians, to upscale record keeping, enhance antimicrobial steward- ship, better monitor pig health and treatments in
The pen-side applica- tion synchronises with veterinary prescribed medication lists and pro- vides accurate medical treatments and dosage instructions based on an- imal class, animal num-
Dr Weekes said that Data Pig’s user-friendly technology, including real-time visibility of treatment data, should see its ready acceptance and adoption by pro- ducers and their piggery workers.
“We are confident that the Data Pig platform will quickly become an essential part of the ef- fective antimicrobial stewardship program that industry bodies and gov- ernment demand.
Apiam project manager for Data Pig, Dr Sam Weekes has been in- volved with the on-farm trials for the past year.
“While sometimes on- erous manual recording and frequent personal interaction with vet- erinarians has been the traditional pathway to satisfying regulatory and veterinary requirements, Data Pig now offers a refresh as a streamlined, remotely accessible elec- tronic data recording system.
“Apiam, WA Pork Pro- ducers Association and Pork Innovation WA have
“Adopting Data Pig solves the dilemma posed by distance and isola- tion, while effectively bringing pork producers and their veterinarians closer together.
“Of course, Apiam un- derstands that adopting any new technology can be daunting, which is why we’ve worked hard to make Data Pig very user friendly.
Apiam project manager for Data Pig, Apiam Swine business manager, Dr Sam Weekes. Dr Tom Harrison.
“Improving the health
For further information about Data Pig, producers should contact Dr Har- rison at Apiam Animal Health on 03 5445 5999, mobile 0428 668 266 or email tom.harrison@
“They will now work in a more controlled, precise virtual workplace to en- sure compliance and ul- timately improve health, productivity and profit- ability of pig herds.”
“As part of this, it is being made available on a range of iOs and an- droid devices, with seam- less online and offline operation.
As a leading national veterinary service pro- vider with extensive swine experience, Dr Harrison said that Apiam Animal Health was fo- cused on shaping the best possible future for Australia’s pig industry, which included deliv- ering best practice an- imal health and welfare outcomes.
“The Data Pig platform synchronises with indi- vidual herd health plans, which producers have es- tablished with their vet- erinarians and each pro- ducer owns and controls their own data and access to where it is securely stored in the cloud.”
Protection and Pro t
* During the fattening period. Refer to registered product label for full claim details. Refer toTechnical brochure for details of trial data.
Intervet Australia Pty Limited trading as MSD Animal Health ABN 79 008 467 034 Free Call 1800 033 461
Porcilis® PCV Long-term PCV2 immunity for
performance and pro t
A single vaccination (2 mL) to pigs from 3 weeks of age*
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