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Supporting producers and the community in 2020
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AS we begin 2021, we wanted to share a part of the work undertaken by the Australian Pork Limited team over the past 12 months that not only directly supported producers but has also given back to the com- munity.
Over the initial four- month period, more than 23,000kg of made-to- order pork including sau- sages, roasts, mince and forequarter chops were provided to Foodbank.
ment on several menus as part of the OzHarvest Harvest Bites program.
showcasing its versatility to consumers in their own home.
We were thrilled to col- laborate with organisa- tions such as Straight to the Source, OzHarvest and Foodbank in 2020 and to provide support to the local hospitality industry, suppliers, growers and the community in need.
QUEENSLAND farmers looking to capitalise on the op- portunities that agri- tourism could provide are encouraged to at- tend the national agri- food networking event Farm2Plate Exchange run by agritourism and agri-innovation experts Regionality from May 18-19, 2021.
“Many of Queensland’s farmers are embracing new agribusiness ven- tures and agri-innova- tions, which are adding value to their produce with a growing network of agri-processing occur- ring on farm,” Dr Davis said.
In support of producers, the PorkStar team in partnership with Straight to the Source has devel- oped a unique oppor- tunity for smaller pro- ducers to amplify their brand and product stories online.
Additionally, APL was able to secure pork place-
The sponsorship helped put pork in the centre of exciting meal options,
The donations to Har- vest Bites equated to 48,000 OzHarvest meals for Australians who might otherwise have gone without.
Kylie Roberts, PorkStar Marketing Manager
“In addition, farmers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, strengthening new direct marketing and sales to consumers through new online plat- forms, agritourism and agri-experiences.”
Based on the success of the initiative, APL and industry wholesalers are looking to continue the partnership with Food- bank moving forward.
This initiative enabled APL to work directly with leading chefs such as Orazio D’Elia and the OzHarvest team, making it possible for consumers to purchase restaurant quality meals delivered to their home.
Importantly, for each individual meal sold through Harvest Bites, 40 new meals were pro- vided directly to people in need.
Our industry is a gen- erous one and we hope to continue in that spirit in the year ahead.
Launched in 2019, Straight to the Source is a subscription-based platform that champions primary and artisan food and beverage producers.
Supported by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation, Farm2Plate Exchange is being held in the Scenic Rim re- gion and will provide an exciting platform for ideas exchange between people working in food, farming and agritourism throughout Australia.
“The Farm2Plate Ex- change will give farmers looking to diversify and take a more active role in the producer to consumer value chain an opportu- nity to exchange ideas and learn from others through a variety of in- sights and experience.”
The platform enables businesses to connect directly with food pro- fessionals such as chefs, as well as thousands of potential consumers.
QFF chief executive of- ficer Dr Georgina Davis who will be speaking at the event said food, fibre and foliage expe- riences were being in- creasingly sought after, as consumers desire to better understand where their produce comes from, learn how it is cre- ated and experience the environment where it is made.
By partnering with Straight to the Source, PorkStar has enabled a range of smaller pro- ducers to build their presence online free of charge and accelerate their connections with important food industry influencers.
“This year’s event has the theme of renewal and is aligned with ideas of adaptation and resilience.”
With these strong foun- dations in place, 2021 promises to deliver a key platform for producers to communicate their brand stories on this fast- emerging website.
For more information about the Farm2Plate Exchange and to pur- chase your ticket, visit 2-plate-ex-2021
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When it comes to sup- porting our community, 2020 has been a year like no other for APL and the broader industry.
In 2020, APL launched two key initiatives working with food charity organisations Foodbank and OzHarvest.
Many restaurants, pubs and clubs across the country have been forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Given that over a quarter of Australian pork was consumed in foodservice outlets, al- ternative supply channels needed to be found.
While the rise in home- cooked meals increased pork sales at butchers and supermarkets, the impact on foodservice meant the supply chain remained under intense pressure.
With funding support from the Federal Gov- ernment, APL partnered with Foodbank Australia to build a mutually ben- eficial program that sup- ported members of the community in need.
The supply of pork to Foodbank was enabled by our wholesale net- work, making deliveries on a weekly basis across the country.
APL chief executive officer Margo Andrae said of the program: “We’re proud of the role our industry is playing in providing food secu- rity for those in need, but we’re also very grateful to Foodbank because the weekly supply ar- rangements have given processors and whole- salers added operational certainty for their busi- nesses and employees.”
Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2021 – Page 13

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