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Piggery pumps pros and cons
n Submersible or surface-mounted pump advantages
Aussie Pumps’ big 6” GMP model B6XRA provides flows up to 4000L/min.
MOST major piggeries operate a mixture of both surface-mounted and submersible pumps.
inconvenience of having to prime an end-suction pump was something most pump operators wished to avoid.
Here, the pros and cons are clearly highlighted by Aussie Pumps – giving a better understanding to operators as to which way to go for pump system se- lection.
Considering that 90 percent of pump effluent applications consist of moving water from a drainage pit to a lagoon or settling pond, the primary issue of being able to draw water through a vertical lift of 6m would appear to be essential.
Aussie Pumps is re- garded highly in the livestock industry for its range of heavy duty trash pumps.
Aussie Pumps product range in this area begins with a 2” cast-iron semi trash that will pass solids up to 11mm, while their bigger pumps – an 8” gob- bler with a 37kW motor – will handle 70mm solids.
The company previously had a lot of experience in supplying Tsurumi sub- mersible pumps in appli- cations before resigning the franchise from this major Japanese manufac- turer.
That amounts to almost 3”.
The decision was based largely on a desire to focus attention on the many advantages of surface- mounted pumps compared to submersibles.
“These pumps aren’t for pumping 3” rocks but rather designed for effluent style jobs,” Mr Hales said.
Aussie Pumps acknowl- edges that submersible pumps have a place but ar- gues that in most applica- tions, a surface-mounted pump has considerable benefits.
“You can imagine the advantage of a surface- mounted self-priming pump that draws the liquid up, compared to a sub- mersible pump.” Convenience is impor- tant
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Which include overall lower cost and substan- tially longer life than a product that is submerged in extremely aggressive liquids for much of its life.
Surface-mounted pumps don’t need any crane or steel structure to pull them outofapitintheeventof failure.
Aussie Pumps chief en- gineer John Hales said, “We’ve seen submersibles come in from abattoirs and piggeries with holes in the side of the pump casing.”
The surface-mounted pump is already acces- sible, with a close coupled or long coupled motor ready to do its duty.
“Admittedly, that was a Chinese factory-made Tsurumi product, but we were astonished to find the casing thickness in the pump unit itself was sub- stantially thinner in some areas.
Pumps with flows up to 8000L/min are part of the Aussie GMP range, but the company finds its XR-A/ ST range in 2”, 3” and 4” are the most popular.
“This shows a surprising inconsistency.”
The big 4” pump will handle 2300L/min, can handle a 39mm solid and can push water 29m ver- tically – an astonishing head for an open-impeller pump.
The company ended up giving the customer a brand-new pump, but Aussie Pumps realised there were dangers that the same issue may occur again.
Why self-priming?
Another factor that makes it even more suit- able for this type of ap- plication is the front clean- out port of the pump.
Self-priming centrifugal trash pumps have been around for a long time.
The port is mounted un- derneath the suction in- take, making it very easy to clean out in the event of a choke.
The original designs of the Aussie GMP range go back to around the 1950s.
Unlike pulling a sub- mersible out of the pit after a failure, the self-priming pump can be cleaned out, inspected and serviced without undue fuss.
They consist of a big cast iron bowl with an incred- ibly simple arrangement for seal and impeller, and the volute – or ‘peeler’ – cast into the body.
A free brochure ex- plaining the advantages of self-priming surface pumps compared to sub- mersibles is readily avail- able from Aussie Pumps.
Aussie Pumps are con- sidered the number one specialist in self priming in the market, because the company realised that the
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Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales.
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