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Are you on the map? Aussie producers asked to be vigilant
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PRODUCERS are being asked to be vigilant and check their farm secu- rity plans since the ani- mal activist group Aus- sie Farms published a map identifying Austral- ian farms nationwide on January 22, 2019.
The map may include in- formation such as farm lo- cation, name and owner’s details as well as photos of properties they invaded in the past.
You can view this map Mr Delforce admitted
removed. More informa- tion is available at sup- port. search/troubleshooter/ (please ensure you also read the Google remov- als policies at (support. answer/2744324).
2. You can raise a con- cern with the Australian Charities and Not for Prof- its Commission as Aussie Farms is a registered char- ity. The form is available at concerns-about-charities/ how-raise-concern or call 132262.
3. You may like to write to your state, territory or federal members of parlia- ment asking them to sup- port tougher trespass and privacy laws. Contact de- tails for your local mem- ber are available on the parliament house website for your state or territory at parliament.(INSERTY OURSTATE)
4. Review your farms’ security arrangements.
5. Take screen shots of your farm’s records on Aussie Farms, par- ticularly any purported information, photos etc that are incorrect or old or not your farm. Also take screens shots of any social media commentary relevant to your farm.
6. Talk to your local po- lice about your concerns so that in the event of an illegal farm entry, they will respond to the farm in a timely way.
If you are concerned, have activists approach you or increased suspi- cious behaviour around your property, please con- tact your local police.
Point of View
Accompanied with a media release, the map claims to expose animal welfare breaches and force transparency on the industry and is being lik- ened to the Yellow Pag- es by the group’s leader
some of the information on the map, which has been criticised over in- accuracies, was outdated and could be wrong, but insists they aren’t encour- aging trespassing.
by DEB KERR General Manager Policy
Christopher Delforce.
This is contrary to the Aussie Farms website, which asks volunteers about “actions involv- ing potential arrest/legal issues” if they are “not willing to break any laws, willing to be fined or ar- rested or depends on the likely effectiveness of the particular action”.
Media attention on this has seen this aspect now removed from the volun- teer question page.
There are some options available to farmers look- ing to take action and sup- port is growing in politi- cal circles to address the violation of privacy and real threat to farm safety and biosecurity.
We have had discussions with the National Farm- ers’ Federation about what can be done to protect our farmers from blatant disregard for the law this ‘charity’ is promoting.
If your farm is on the map, Australian Pork Limited recommends:
1. Google can remove your personal informa- tion from Google search results, including photos or videos of you shared without your consent. Addresses and phone numbers are usually not
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Wastewater pump
selected for safety
and reliability
A NSW fruit juice man- ufacturer has recently selected Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps for its wastewater service.
The company selected Gorman-Rupp pumps be- cause they were the safest option for operators, and because they were consid- ered the most economical solution.
Gorman-Rupp pumps are installed at ground level, above the waste pit [by up to 7.6m above water level], so can be monitored, inspected and repaired easily and safely.
Other technologies are not so easy to monitor and often require the use of cranes and the opening of wet well covers to ex- pose operators to working over water and working at heights.
Gorman-Rupp pumps can be serviced safely by one person, with no confined spaces entry to worry about.
For this project, requir- ingaflowof28l/sata total head of 12m, a Gor- man-Rupp V3B60-B was selected.
This pump is one of Gorman-Rupp’s ‘Ultra V Series’ of pumps and is the most advanced self- priming wastewater pump on the market today.
The pumps have addi- tional safety features to protect both operators and equipment, and have the most advanced mainte- nance features available.
Some applications can be abrasive or corrosive (or both), so Gorman- Rupp Ultra V Series pumps have a range of materials to best cope with the application, in- cluding hardened iron (for abrasive service), 316-grade stainless steel for corrosive applications and CD4MCu (a hard du- plex stainless steel) for abrasive and corrosive ap- plications.
Wastewater pumps from Gorman-Rupp are avail- able with flows from as little at 4l/s through to 250l/s.
More information on these pumps can be ob- tained from Hydro Inno- vations at info@hydroin
Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, February 2019
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