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Aussie butchers among world’s best
IT was a red-carpet moment for Australia’s best butchers when they won bronze at the World Butchers’ Challenge in Ireland recently.
The Australian Steel- ers representative team took out overall third place, competing against 11 teams from around the globe.
They also received awards for the World’s Best Pork Sausage, Best Gourmet Sausage and Best Hygiene/Health & Safety in the world.
Captain Adam Stratton, from Sydney’s Tender Gourmet Butchery, said the team had worked hard on their preparation and had gone into the com- petition feeling quietly confident.
“This team has worked incredibly well on every element of the competi- tion and we’re just so de- lighted it’s paid off,” Mr Stratton said.
“This competition cel- ebrates the hard work that butchers do in-store on a daily basis and that’s just so incredibly important.
“Our presentation was all about the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and celebrating our skill, the produce and our craft.
“We’re so glad the judg-
es recognised our efforts and I’m so grateful our team got this recogni- tion.”
Twelve teams compet- ed in the three-hour test of preparation, skill and presentation.
Head judge Todd Heller from New Zealand said, “The results from the top- five ranked teams were extremely close and the standard overall was ex- ceptional.”
Mr Stratton said it was a real honour for the whole
team and he’d like to thank Colin (NSW), Paul (NSW), Nick (Queens- land), Tom (Victoria) and Luke (South Australia) for their dedication in the lead-up to the competi- tion, as well as all their families and sponsors for their support.
“I thank Ireland for host- ing this competition and the judges for all their professionalism,” he said.
“I’d also like to com- mend the organisers on growing this competition
from its humble Trans- Tasman beginnings to now attracting 12 highly skilled and highly com- petitive teams.
“Also, congratulations to the winning team Ireland on a fantastic demonstra- tion of the trade and also the Kiwis who pipped us to the post for second place.
“All the Australian team members should go home proud and I know they’ll be leaving with new ideas.”
The World Butch-
ers’ Challenge was held in Belfast, Ireland, with the countries competing in this year’s competi- tion as follows: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, South Af- rica and the US.
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The Australian Steelers took out overall third place at the World Butchers’ Challenge.
Levelling the playing field for Aussie farmers
FILIPINO PIGGERY TECHNICIANS AVAILABLE! We have assisted Australian employers overcome their
AUSTRALIAN-owned farm businesses will benefit from changes to close a tax loophole cur- rently available only to foreign investors buying up agricultural land.
Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Da- vid Littleproud welcomed changes announced by the Treasurer recently to exclude agricultural land from being an eligible in- vestment business and at- tracting a lower tax rate.
“The current state of play provides foreigners with a competitive advan- tage over domestic inves- tors when buying agricul- tural land,” Minister Lit- tleproud said.
“The Government wants to ensure purity of market and a level playing field for Australian investors, so we’re making changes.
“Foreign investors cur- rently have access to tax concessions, which means they pay less tax than do- mestic investors on their investment in agricultural
land, around 15 percent (or less) compared to Australian investors who pay tax at their marginal rates (up to 47 percent currently).
“The concessions are possible through the use of managed investment trusts that lease out farm- ing land.
“Increasingly, complex arrangements called ‘sta- pled structures’ have been adopted, which allow tax- payers to own and run a farm and still achieve a lower tax rate of 15 per- cent.
“This can distort invest- ment decisions and encour- age higher foreign owner- ship of agricultural land.
“Where possible we want to encourage Aus- tralian ownership of Aus- sie farmland and ensure fairness for domestic in- vestors who pay a higher rate of taxation on agri- cultural land purchases.”
The changes will take effect from July 1, 2019.
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