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Queensland Pig Consultancy Group forum
Queensland producers losing $5800 per week
☛ from P18 mand of pork.
He stated that demand for fresh pork had in- creased since 2015 by 8 percent year on year.
The oversupply of pig meat has dictated that APL increase its tactical marketing activities.
Spending on short-term advertising has been in- creased, promoting the versatility of fresh pork.
Peter also stressed the need for producers to fill out the production survey in a timely and accurate manner to enable APL to increase its knowledge of trends in the industry.
John Mulally, senior trader at Riverina Aus- tralia, addressed strate- gies to minimise the ef- fect of the grain market on the business.
The presentation looked at risk minimisation.
He referred to season- al weather patterns and their effect on volume and quality of grain produc- tion, as well as the effect of supply and demand on movement in grain prices.
He also described counter party risk as ensuring the producer gets the quality of product that is contracted between the parties.
He gave interesting examples of the geo-po- litical decisions on com- modity prices including the reason for the increase in the domestic sorghum price.
SunPork Farms Opera- tions Manager Rob Mar- tyn discussed how his company was working towards building and re- taining a successful team.
The company, which runs about 9000 sows, is committed to staff train- ing programs to enhance knowledge and skills at all levels.
The team has developed standard operating proce- dures for all tasks on the production units.
A high priority is iden- tifying potential future leaders and providing career development pro- grams within the organi- sation.
Peter McKenzie, Mc- Swine Veterinary Consul- tancy, showed the advan- tages of health by stealth.
He took the delegates through the principles of improving health and productivity and reducing reliance on antibiotics.
The key points were for the change manager to engage with staff so they understand what needs to be done and how to prioritise and implement processes.
Key activities include batch farrowing, AIAO production flow and be- tween-batch hygiene.
Queensland Farmers’ Federation Product Man- ager (Energy) Andrew Chamberlain spoke on improving energy effi- ciency on farm.
He described the Energy
Savers programs funded by the Queensland Gov- ernment and delivered by Ergon Energy in partner- ship with QFF and its
member bodies. He described case The purpose of the pro- studies conducted on
panel installation.
He also listed a series
of checks that could be carried out immediately to reduce energy costs.
gram is to deliver wider and acceleratedimprovementsin on-farmenergyuse.
pig production units that looked at lighting, elec- tric heat mats and solar
Live yeast for sows and piglets
Microscopic yeast,
LEVUCELL SB is a probiotic live yeast speci cally selected for use in monogastrics. LEVUCELL SB has a huge scienti c background and proven results in farms demonstrating its capacity to support a balanced intestinal microbiota and improve performance of sows and piglets.
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Australian Pork Newspaper, April 2018 – Page 19
John Mulally, Riverina Australia.
Peter McKenzie, McSwine Veterinary Consultancy.
Rob Martyn, SunPork Farms, Tong Park Piggery.
Andrew Chamberlain, Queensland Farmers’ Federation.

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