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Super-Saver XL furnace heaters
AGCO Grain and Pro- tein offers a heater for all applications including swine, poultry, dairy, and horticulture.
part of the AGCO Grain and Protein stable for al- most 10 years.”
At more than 99 percent efficient, they are also known as the most effi- cient gas-fired heater in the industry.
thermally protected motor with sealed bearings
installation, maintenance, simple operation, dura- bility, flexibility and op- eration efficiency are all carefully considered in the design and construc- tion of every GSI product manufactured.
Maintaining consist- ently warm temperatures promotes a healthy, com- fortable, and more pro- ductive environment.
At 225,000 British thermal units, the Super- Saver can meet the needs of any agricultural opera- tion.
• High limit safety
AGCO Grain and Pro- tein product manager Peter Lutterschmidt said: “Hired Hand heaters have been the trusted market leader in climate control systems for poultry opera- tions for almost four dec- ades and they have been a
Super-Saver features in- clude:
control box
• Outside mount is ap-
“Hired Hand heaters have been a popular choice among poultry and pig farmers, and through our distribution channels have sold numerous units.
• Standard ‘1/2’ gas cock installed at gas valve • Back-up safety sail
“Our furnace-style Super-Saver XL heater has been on the market since the mid-1980s and has come to be known as the most rugged, durable, best-performing and trouble-free heater in the agricultural market over that time.
switch (manual reset)
• On/Off toggle switch
• Service-Saver enclosed
“We’re investing in fa- cilities and technologies that allow us to manufac- ture the most cutting-edge equipment to keep up with the ever-evolving business of farming.
• Direct-spark model available in 225,000 BTU
plicable with the outside mounting kit.
• AGA certified
A side-swinging door design gives easy access to internal components such as the Super-Saver control unit and blower motor – making it one of the easiest to service heaters on the market.
“In fact, over the past few years, every one of our factories around the world has benefited from a significant investment in both our people and systems.”
Simple and easy DAF system
Mycofix® Proven protection
... throughout the entire production cycle.
Mycofix® is the solution for mycotoxin risk management.
EU Authorised*
* Regulation No 1115/2014, No 1016/2013 &
No 1060/2013
Tel.: +61 2 9872 6324
Naturally ahead
DISSOLVED air flo- tation systems can be complicated, with pump, compressor, air satura- tion pressure vessel and controls, but this com- plication can turn into ‘set and forget’ by using an EDUR ‘multiphase’ pump.
strictor valve.
When the air saturated
According to Australian distributors, Hydro Inno- vations, the EDUR DAF pump does not need com- pressed air and does not need an air saturation vessel.
The EDUR pump ef- fectively replaces the standard pump, the air compressor and the air saturation vessel.
The EDUR multiphase pump has a unique design, enabling it to handle an air and water combina- tion.
This system simplifica- tion also has an impact on running costs.
It is set up with a re- strictor valve on the suc- tion and an air ‘snorkel’, which draws in atmos- pheric air into the suction of the pump.
No compressor to run and maintain, and no maintenance or yearly recertification on an air saturation vessel.
The pump then sheers and mixes the air with the water before discharging it under pressure to mimic what would happen in the conventional system – within the pressure vessel.
Though relatively new to the Australian market, they have been success- fully supplying DAF pumps to European, Chi- nese and US food man- ufacturers for over 20 years.
As with the conventional system, the EDUR pump ‘forces’ the air into so- lution with back-pressure created by a discharge re-
Australian food pro- ducers can now take ad- vantage of these techno- logically advanced and cost saving processes.
Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2020 – Page 11
water is released back into the DAF tank, the air comes back out of solution forming micro bubbles 30-50 micron, and floats fats, oil and grease to the surface for collection.
EDUR Pumps of Kiel in Germany has been building application spe- cific pumps since 1927.
• Comes standard with through-wall mounting kit for outside house mount
• High temperature aluminised steel burn chamber
• Side-swing door for easy access and mainte- nance
“Today’s production re- quirements demand sys- tems that excel in per- formance and are reliable year after year,” Mr Lut- terschmidt said.
For more information regarding Super-Saver XL furnace heaters, contact Peter Lutterschmidt on 03 9313 0313 or at peter. lutterschmidt@agcocorp. com
•Diagnostic lights for troubleshooting ease
• Standard adjustable ‘Y’ heat deflector
“In addition, our easy
• 1/3 HP totally enclosed

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