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  The APL virtual tour offers transparency to consumers as to what happens behind closed doors in pork production.
Available educational resources assist in raising awareness and aim to better pro- tect Australia’s pork sector.
The resource shines a light on the importance of production aspects such as bios- ecurity, pig welfare and supply chain processes.
The tour allows people in and initiates conversations on day-to-day pork production.
Virtual tour educational resource
 assists in raising awareness
n Providing transparency of pigs becoming pork
AN on-farm virtual tour has been established by Australian Pork Lim- ited to provide greater engagement with con- sumers on what happens behind closed doors in day-to-day pork produc- tion.
five Australians feel they understand or are knowl- edgeable about the pork industry at all.
“Given the current threat of foot and mouth disease and the spread of African swine fever overseas, it’s important we have educa- tional resources available that assist to raise aware- ness and aim to better protect our pork sector.
ards speak for themselves. “APL aims to initiate conversations that not only support informed consumer choice but also provide a connection with rural industries,”
 Page 10 – Australian Pork Newspaper, November 2022
The virtual tour is pub- licly available on the APL website and invites anyone interested in how pigs become pork to put on their virtual gumboots and take a peek.
has been designed to complement a wide range of primary, secondary and university-level cur- riculums.
The tour provides a 360-degree view of the facilities and processes involved in Australian pork production.
“In the face of increasing biosecurity threats, facili- tating open discussions with consumers of on- farm happenings is the greatest challenge of all, Ms Andrae said.
“It’s a bold resource and we’re proud of it.
Additionally, APL have been working closely with Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia to create a new suite of primary and sec- ondary school resources which showcase the tour.
It forms part of a broader strategy to increase trans- parency into the industry, with community research conducted by APL in 2021 showing only one in
“The tour allows people in, and initiates conversa- tions on day-to-day pork production.
“From the technology we use to our animal hus- bandry practices, food safety, and environmental considerations, it’s all there available for all to see within the tour – our stand-
These will launch in coming months.
APL chief executive officer Margo Andrae said, given the focus of emergency animal dis- ease preparedness in the livestock industry, the resource shines a light on the importance of pro- duction aspects such as biosecurity, pig welfare and supply chain pro- cesses.
“Unfortunately, because of increased biosecurity measures on pig farms for some time now, producers haven’t been able to wel- come as many members of the public to see how they do things as they might want.
she said.
The APL virtual tour
To find out more, go to virtual-tour
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