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  The Minitube TechDays were very informative, providing updates on the latest technologies in artificial breeding and best practice in production.
The idea behind the Minitube TechDays was to bring together as many producers as possible and share some updates across the industry.
Minitube TechDays in Australia
Minitube TechDays Australian events were well supported in Bendigo and Toowoomba.
MINITUBE held its first iteration of TechDays in Australia recently – the format was a success in both Germany and the US this past calendar year and the events were well supported in Bendigo and Toowoomba.
turing and supplying high quality GMP approved semen extenders, plastics and machines used in the collection, processing and packaging of boar semen – however, we wanted to ensure there was something for everyone, so secured speakers to discuss produc- tion, gilt management, nu- trition as well as breeding and Australian boar stud management
people involved in the pig industry and it was great to be able to provide a plat- form for discussion and sharing to take place.
“Having experts from Minitube in the US and Germany was fantastic, showing the extensive tech- nical support, reproduction knowledge and ongoing experience that can be pro- vided to us as Minitube customers.
 The idea behind the Tech- Days was to bring together as many producers as pos- sible and share some up- dates across our industry, not only in the form of reproduction technology but also best practice for production
Pat Mitchell of PIC said, “I found the TechDays very informative as they provided updates not only on the latest technologies in artificial breeding but also best practice in pro- duction.”
“I also appreciated having a large Australian customer and veterinarian talk about boar studs from their ex- perience, showing how they have applied these re- sources into their reproduc- tion practices.”
Minitube operates mainly on the boar stud side of our industry – manufac-
The interaction between attendeesandthespeakers was fantastic, with the panel discussion section lasting well over an hour.
“The bonus was that it brought together producers to catch up, which after Japanese encephalitis virus, labour shortages and floods was really great.”
Minitube general man- ager Dan Hollingworth thanks sponsors Zoetis, CCD Animal Health, Vet and Stock Consulting, Alltech Lienert, DSM Animal Nutrition and Health and Think Live- stock – without these spon- sors the events wouldn’t have been possible – and would also like to thank speakers Rudolf Grossfeld, John Quackenbush, Dr Ben Linn, Peter Smith, Pietro Celi, Neil Gannon and Pa- tricia Mitchell.
We have some of the most enthusiastic and driven
Caleb Smith of Kia-ora Breeding said, “I found the Minitube TechDays extremely valuable, with top-class Australian and international speakers.”
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 “It was a very memorable and positive experience.”
Westpork’s Dr Sam Weekes said, “The Minitube TechDays were honestly the best confer- ence-like learning that I have been to in many years.”
   We aim to create mouth-watering inspiration this Christmas, from roast pork with crackling to the clas- sic Aussie Christmas ham.
Pork’s crackling Christmas fare
  IT’S time to get crackling into Christmas.
marketing material.
This year’s recipe features
Australian Pork Limited marketing is turning its focus to roast pork with crackling from December 4.
a pork roast from celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge – per- fect for the Christmas table.
As families and friends come together post pan- demic – retailers are pre- dicting large gatherings and Christmas day festivi- ties will return.
Woolworths consumers will see stickers on various pork roast lines.
To ensure we are reaching the grocery buying popu- lation, we will be airing our television commercial featuring bubbling golden crispy crackling through December 4-24.
IGA catalogues will feature a Christmas roast recipe.
Advertising will reach metropolitan Australia through free-to-air TV and nationally through catch up online TV, YouTube and Spotify.
Activity will be supported by public relations aimed at leveraging crackling roasts and Christmas hams across multiple media opportuni- ties.
Our message will be spread far and wide – Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without deli- cious roast pork and crispy crackling.
Targeted social media will inspire and communi- cate the perfect pork rec- ipes for festive entertaining and encourage purchases of Australian ham.
Ensuring that we are reaching consumers at home and all the way through to the point of purchase, we have aligned marketing activity in retail channels with brand ac- tivity.
We aim to create mouth- watering inspiration this Christmas.
A QR code will point to for crackling tips and roast recipes.
The IGA website will guide consumers on how to achieve the best pork crackling and how to carve your bone-in leg ham.
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APL Brand Manager
Butchers nationwide will receive point-of-sale
From roast pork with crackling to the classic Aussie Christmas ham – we aim to get more pork on forks this festive season. Ahsleigh Dyson

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