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Pork it up every which way you like
NO wonder pork is the most consumed meat in the world.
chops for lunch, to pork roast for dinner.
budgets, pork has jumped into the pen – albeit for the likes of me and many others, it has always had a rightful place on our plates.
well-handled and well cooked.
and eggs preferred weekend breakfast and a staple of mine, especially when I can get hold of my preferred D’Orsogna streaky bacon. Photo 3: Pig tongue and mus- tard – hot stuff in any- one’s language. Photo 4: Pork belly melts in my mouth almost every time and particularly when cooked to per- fection by celebrated chef Melissa Palinkas of Young George in East Fremantle. Photo 5: Pork congee for breakfast. Congee is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries. Photo 6: Enjoying offal, in this case pork liver, has always been a nice fit with my long-held push for nose to tail or whole animal eating.
Pork steaks on special or not are versatile, afford- able and succulent when cooked the six-two-two way.
Aside from being readily available, albeit the world’s pig population is being challenged right now by the insidious Af- rican swine fever, pork is so versatile.
When dining out, brekky might be pork congee, lunch ham sandwiches and dinner pork belly.
With the sensuous seams of fat that run through a nice piece of pork belly, it’s hard to spoil.
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When at home, my pork palate regularly and smoothly transitions from bacon and pork sausages for breakfast, to pork
I’m thinking pork belly is the prince of pork flesh and the epitome of pork indulgence.
Yum yum!
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Indeed, my best mate Antony Riggio has been doing a good job of influ- encing my preserved pork palate since we were five years of age.
D’Orsogna’s artisan capocollo, available in 100g packs, is made with coarsely ground 100 per-
Typically, these choices are most importantly fla- voursome and, as an ad- ditional bonus, also good value for money.
As for the variety of pork options, let’s cele- brate a few...
Whether pickled, roasted, poached, smoked or braised, pork belly hits the spot.
With Australian cattle prices climbing over the rails and driving beef beyond many household
It delivers on all things porky when well sourced,
The middle isn’t bad ei- ther, with nice lean loin, if cooked quickly it is a tasty treat.
passed on from my father Ray – who pretty much enjoyed a brekky of bacon and eggs every day of his adult life.
cent Australian pork, tra- ditionally dry cured and thinly sliced.
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Not forgetting the final third – the tail end, where luscious legs are tradi- tionally transformed into hams – hocks are mari- nated and roasted and trotters are lapped up like jelly, once boned of course.
Still owned by descend- ants of the original Italian founders Tomasso and Giovanni D’Orsogna, the 70-year-old company has retained many of their traditional Italian family recipes.
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Page 4 – Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2021
The home of pork cut- lets and pork chops, the loin also racks up points in the delicious stakes, especially once a whole pork rack emerges from the oven.
Fortunately, in Western Australia we’re blessed to be the foundation home oficonicsmallgoodsbusi- ness D’Orsogna.
Favourably, D’Orsogna products are also readily available in other states.
Again, yum yum!
This national supply network was significantly expanded in 2019 when D’Orsogna opened a sub- stantial new production facility north of Mel- bourne, which produces innovative varieties of cooked and cured hams, bacon, gourmet conti- nental sausages, salami and other meat products.
Now, it’d be remiss of me to conclude without professing my love of smallgoods or charcuterie.
Italian preserved or cured meats even have mouth-watering names like capocollo, prosciutto, pancetta and mortadella – how could one resist?
Buon appetito.
Having been born in the port city of Fremantle and living here many decades on, I’ve always been influ- enced by and happily be- friended by many Italians.
While I enjoy them all, one of my favourites is ca- pocollo (from the Italian capo, meaning head and collo, meaning neck), which is probably best known to most people as coppa.
Photo 1: Argentinean chorizo sausages are a thick fresh pork sausage balanced with spices and fruity wines. They are a popular street food in Argentina. I buy these regularly from Argentinian chef and friend Javier Singerman of El Argentino, a cater- ing business and food truck based in Fremantle, which specialises in Argentinian cuisine and with a focus on la parrilla (the grill). Photo 2: Bacon
Mind you, he hasn’t had to work too hard because I’ve had a natural affinity,

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