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Pork industry speaks up on environmental policy
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ALL things environ- ment remain a top pri- ority for the Australia Pork Limited policy team, with significant implications for pro- ducers around waste management and land use.
At the same time, APL and the NSW Farmers Federation have come together to provide a submission to the NSW Government on its op- tions for a NSW agricul- tural land use planning strategy.
mechanisms are needed to overcome key chal- lenges.
In March, APL col- laborated with the Vic- torian Farmers Federa- tion to provide a sub- mission to the Victorian Government on its new waste and resource re- covery determinations.
Environmental Policy
Overall, we support the strategy on sustain- able agriculture devel- opment encouraging a whole of government approach to align its ex- ecution.
In staffing news, the policy team at APL are pleased to welcome Kirsty Cooper, its new environmental policy manager.
Kirsty has extensive experience in natural resource management, policy and program de- velopment and imple- mentation in NSW.
The proposed stand- ards are aimed at re- ducing unnecessary reg- ulatory barriers for re- cycled materials in Vic- toria by using industry best practice guidelines, a move supported by APL and the VFF.
Guidelines for Indoor and Outdoor Piggeries and Australian Pork In- dustry Quality Assur- ance Program standards.
We also recommended the Environmental Pro- tection Act 2017 be amended to recognise the high-value, low-risk nature of piggery waste products and that the Environmental Protec- tion Authority engage directly with the pork industry to support coregulation with in- dustry.
Urban encroachment on rural areas and com- plaints about develop- ment applications driven out of social media will be a major challenge to the strategy.
Kirsty brings a thor- ough understanding of government legis- lative and regulatory processes, which will support APL’s engage- ment.
The submission rec- ommended the use of National Environmental
However, there were concerns that proposed standards for manure, animal wastewater and effluent lack clarity around how high-value piggery waste would be regulated.
Proposals to identify state strategic agricul- tural land, monitor and report on its loss, and improve education and conflict resolution
Contact Kirsty at kirsty.cooper@australi if you have any questions on environmental matters.
Zinpro president and chief executive Zinpro has grown into a leading global animal nutrition solution provider for rumi- officer Rob Sheffer. nants, poultry, swine, equine, aquaculture, companion animals and even humans.
Leading animal nutrition company celebrates 50 years
ZINPRO Corpora- tion, the leading pro- vider of performance trace mineral animal nutrition, is com- memorating 50 years of business with a bold rebrand that represents its passion and commitment for the future – ad- vancing performance together.
proach, Zinpro is de- termined to remain the industry leader for the next 50 years.
more about how trace mineral nutrition improves the lives of both animals and people.
customers across the globe.”
supplements designed for people looking for gut health and immu- nity solutions.
Zinpro president and chief executive officer Rob Sheffer said, “For the past 50 years, cus- tomers have relied on Zinpro to continually develop trace mineral products to help im- prove animal health and performance.”
Founded in 1971 by Dean Anderson as a small organic trace mineral company, Zinpro has grown into a leading global animal nutrition solu- tion provider for rumi- nants, poultry, swine, equine, aquaculture, companion animals and even humans.
“Fifty years is a remarkable achieve- ment,” Mr Sheffer said.
Zinpro’s team of ex- perts helps producers with everyday animal health challenges in- cluding lameness pre- vention and inflam- mation management, while improving life- time performance and productivity.
This discovery – and subsequent peer-re- viewed research across species – was founda- tional to the compa- ny’s hard-fought suc- cess and continues to create new, innovative solutions.
“With a new brand identity that reflects our comprehensive, solutions-based ap-
In celebration of this anniversary mile- stone, Zinpro invites producers and con- sumers alike to learn
“From humble be- ginnings, Zinpro has grown into the com- pany we are today through scientific discovery to develop our products and con- tinually advance our industry.
Now, Zinpro is bringing this same approach to trace mineral nutrition for people through Mend + Defend, its line of premium nutritional
To learn more about Zinpro’s animal nutri- tion solutions and how Zinpro is more than minerals, visit zinpro. com.
“We are a per- formance company working side-by-side with our customers and partners to achieve better outcomes for animals and people.”
Zinpro revealed its new brand identity and website to intro- duce this bolder ap- proach to animal nu- trition solutions.
The family-owned company employs a team of world-class animal scientists, has 11 regional offices worldwide and sells its products in more than 70 countries across the globe.
A key differenti- ator, Zinpro’s perfor- mance minerals uti- lise a unique pathway for absorption – the amino acid trans- porter – allowing for exceptional uptake.
“This commitment to proven, tested so- lutions has helped us build trust with
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