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The best liquid foods pump for precise in-line dosing
WITH traditional pumping systems such as centrifugal pumps, there is no precision control of the volume being infused.
a peristaltic hose pump that regulated liquid flow to reliably deliver accu- racy and consistency.
controlled without sudden pressure changes.
rate to create the gentlest way currently available.
cations in stock at our Sydney warehouse.
with low maintenance, ensuring you get the most out of your long-term in- vestment.
For more information, visit hydroinnovations. or call 02 9898 1800.
Both under and over- dosing and filling can lead to costly manufac- turing mistakes.
The food manufacturer installed a Ragazinni Rotho Peristaltic pump to fulfil the required func- tions in its food manufac- turing process.
In the case of the food manufacturer, the most important benefit was that the Ragazzini Rotho Peri- staltic pump improved the finished quality of its foods due to the precise in-line dosing capabili- ties, ensuring the accurate addition of specified ad- ditives and enzymes.
A wide variety of viscos- ities from liquid to thick pastes can be pumped using these pumps, and the homogeneity of the mass is guaranteed by the delicacy of the pumping action.
Another benefit of these versatile pumps is that they are seal-less and can run in reverse for tank filling and emptying tasks.
An iconic Australian food manufacturer was focussed on improving the accuracy of its in-line dosing during food pro- cessing.
The model it chose was a MOD PSF 1D, which is a dual pump driven by a single motor and gearbox.
Owners of a Raga- zzini pump do not have to worry about contami- nation or mess when a hose needs replacing, as there is no lubricant or oil-filled casing.
The pumps can even be left unattended due to their dry running capa- bility.
Additionally, its require- ments included a liquid foods pump that was perfectly hygienic, with closed-hose systems and no lubrication or any con- tact with the mechanical parts of the pump to avoid any potential contamina- tion.
This version allows for transferring small quan- tities and for delicately filling and emptying con- tainers, and other models can be used for gently transferring viscous liq- uids into or out of vats and vessels.
The Ragazzini hose system ensures complete protection from oxygen, or gas can be injected in pre-established quantities if required in the produc- tion line.
The oil-free casing means a much easier clean up if a problem does occur, and all Ra- gazzini peristaltic pumps are fitted with a leak de- tector that can stop the pump and send an alarm if a hose does fail, mini- mising the loss and con- tamination of the valuable product.
Ragazzini Rotho Peri- staltic pumps are used in a myriad of applications including wastewater, water filtration plants, food, wine and juice manufacturing, dosing, sampling, even medicine – anywhere mechanical contact with the pumped liquid or product must be avoided.
Hydro Innovations was able to provide the ideal solution for this applica- tion where hygiene-crit- ical features were para- mount.
This is because the in- verter control regulates flow rate according to an analogue signal from the filler and is able to be
The opening and closing movement of the tube is static, without the grinding effect of other types of pump.
Replacing hoses is a clean and easy task.
The system consisted of
The pumped product is therefore not damaged in any way and is usually transferred at a slower
There are hoses to suit a diverse range of appli-
Our peristaltic pumps blend high performance
An iconic Australian food manufacturer installed a Ragazinni Rotho Peristaltic MOD PSF 1D pump to fulfil the required functions in its production process.
Page 10 – Australian Pork Newspaper, May 2021
Tracey Lefroy
Ragazzini hose pumps are ideal for bottling plants in which an ana- logue signal regulates flow rate.
The Ragazzini pumps are the most versatile and gentlest available on the market.
Hydro Innovations is proud to be the Australian distributor for the high- quality Rotho Peristaltic hose pumps manufac- tured by the Ragazzini Pump company in Italy.
Westpork project plans to
produce power from methane
WESTERN Australia’s in the Shire of Dan-
and be on sold to neigh- mand from our customers
biggest pork producer has restarted plans for a multi-million dollar piggery development to harness methane from pig manure to produce power.
Westpork chief execu-
bouring farming prop- erties and enterprise through a private distri- bution network,” Mr Fer- guson said.
for extra pigs.”
Moora Shire president
In 2017, Westpork se- cured approval for the $28 million project.
Mr Ferguson added Westpork had partnered with Advanced Energy Resources in using a buyer gas system to cap- ture methane from pig manure.
Mr Ferguson said with COVID-19 strongly im- pacting supply chains, there was an increased de- mand for Australian pork product heading into the processing sector.
She said the new ag- rifood industries would stimulate growth in the key public service areas and more broadly, com- mercial activity in Moora.
However, after a sig- nificant downturn in the Australian pig market left pork prices at a decade- low, further development was paused within 12 months,.
He said the new pig- gery would be powered by technology including a combination of biogas, wind, solar and battery energy storage, and AER’s HybriDrive pump drive technology.
“With beef prices being as high as they are, there are additional pork sales and we now have the de-
“This truly is a genera- tional opportunity for our region,” Ms Lefroy said.
Set to create 28 fulltime jobs and increase West- pork’s existing annual production of 390,000 head by 15 percent, the 68,000-head piggery is located 32km from Moora
“The local network would service ourselves
tive officer Neil Ferguson said building the piggery would start in June, with the first pigs to be sold in September next year.
“The surplus gas poten- tially would be sold back into the grid.”
Tracy Lefroy said con- firmation of Westpork’s newest facility allowed the region to further di- versify its industry base and grow employment op- portunities.
Neil Ferguson

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