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Pork producers help raise record amount for FightMND
mately, a cure for MND. To find out more about MND, visit au or see Australian Pork Limited’s release about the campaign at australi releases/join-aussie-pig-
APL prioritising Aussie smallgoods growth
Point of View
AUSTRALIAN pork producers are uniquely placed to leverage re- newed consumer sup- port for ‘Australian Made’ products.
tralia is made from im- ported pork.
Australian Pork Lim- ited is working to ensure that Australian pork, which unlike many other agricultural sec- tors competes with large volumes of imported product, promotes the home-grown message and, in turn, helps gen- erate regional business activity to help revive the national economy.
Based on this, and as new opportunities arise to tap into changing consumer sentiment in a post-COVID-19 market, we plan to resume the campaign in 2021.
Typically, $17 million worth of imported pork, about 4000 tonnes, ar- rives in Australia each week to be heat-treated, processed and sold in competition with small- goods made with Aus- tralian pork.
We welcome Agri- culture Minister David Littleproud’s leader- ship in this respect and commend his work in encouraging major fast- food franchises to em- brace country-of-origin labelling.
This, in turn, will give supply chain businesses the chance to demon- strate to customers genuine support for quality Australian pork producers – something which is an increasingly compelling marketing edge.
The post-farmgate roles that help add value to our produce, such as regional processing jobs, can be supported at the checkout by buying local.
The availability of surplus Australian pig meat due to COVID-19 supply chain disrup- tions has provided the opportunity for local smallgoods producers to access more Aus- tralian pork for their ham, bacon and other products.
Recent confirmation that McDonald’s will introduce country-of- origin labelling is a cru- cial breakthrough and we will continue to en- courage other franchises to follow suit.
It’s important all con- sumers–andthatincludes farmers – be mindful of selecting Australian pro- duce when they are gro- ceryshopping.
rest of Australian agri- culture and the Federal Government.
and will help add mo- mentum to our efforts to increase the use of Aus- tralian pork in small- goods.
As we emerge from COVID-19 shutdowns and set about rebuilding the national economy, support for Australian produce and agricul- tural supply chains will be critical.
Effective labelling empowers consumers
Encouraging results arose from the trial APL launched in Adelaide in February to raise con- sumer awareness about the fact the majority of ham and bacon in Aus-
Yes, look for ham and bacon made using Aus- tralian pork, but keep in mind the need to support other Australian food industries like seafood and horticulture that also face stiff competi- tion from imports.
APL is prioritising this growth opportunity while there is critical market alignment across the supply chain.
Building a greater foothold in smallgoods categories is something that enjoys significant support from supermar- kets and other retailers and the foodservice industry, because they know their customers prefer bacon, ham and other cured products made from Australian pork.
The wider uptake of country-of-origin label- ling and greater product transparency for con- sumers are goals our producers share with the
RECORD-breaking fundraising efforts by Aussie pork producers and Coles supermarkets may mean a cure for motor neurone disease is one step closer.
$5.2 million raised by Coles through the sales of pork and Big Freeze beanies.
During May and June, the FightMND Founda- tion received 10 cents from the sale of each pack of Coles Brand fresh Aus- tralian pork, as well as an additional donation from pork producers who supply the retailer.
The amount raised was more than double the 2019 figure and will be used to help find new treatments and, ulti-
FightMND announced a record-breaking $11.9 million was raised during the campaign, including
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